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Lanzarote excursion - Fascinating places to discover

Lanzarote Excursion Highlights

Timanfaya National Park - The Firemountains

Between 1730 and 1736 volcanic eruptions took place on Lanzarote.

Fertile soil and towns where changed into vast lava fields and in 1842 eruptions took place again.

The chain of volcanos that caused these eruptions is called the "Fire Mountains".

lanzaroteThe area with its impressive landscape is now know as the "National Park Timanfaya" and can be visited.

Several demonstrations take place and guided bustours drive trough the moon-like landscape.

The temperature 6 m under the ground is about 400 º C and you can feel the high temperature of the surface by graping some stones from the soil.

Cueves de los Verdes

Belonging to the same volcanic tunnel as the Jameos del Agua, the Cueves de los Verdes are accessible to about 2 kilometers under gound.

Here one realizes the power of a volcanic eruption.

On some places the tunnel becomes small and on other places there are large caves.

La Geria

The main wine area of Lanzarote. Here one can see how grapes are cultivated for the production of the delicate Lanzarote wines.

Pits digged in the volcanic soil allow the plants to reach fertile soil and stone walls protect them from the wind.

Small, black lava stones named "picon" absorb humidity from the air to serve the grapes.

There are different bodegas you can visit and where you can taste and buy the different sorts of local wine.

The touristic centers created by Cesar Manrique

excursion-northJameos del Agua

The Jameos del Agua is part of a volcanic tunnel created by the eruption of the Crown Volcan.

Parts of the ceiling from the tunnel are open to the sky and Cesar Manrique decorated the cave in a way that brings out the natural beauty of this special place even more.

Casa del Campesino

In order to conserve the traditional architecture style Cesar Manrique constructed a house that would serve as an example for the people of Lanzarote

Mirador del Rio

From this building that Cesar Manrique created on a steep cliff one has a beautiful view over the neighboring island "La Graciosa" and l colored salt pans.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in a fortress at the harbour entrance of Arrecife.

Jardin de Cactus

The Cactus Garden is one of César Manrique's last works.
In Guatiza he turned an old quarry into an beautiful cactus garden


Teguise is the former capital of the island and one of the oldest towns of the Canary Islands.

There are lots of old houses and no advertisements at all.

On Sundays however, there is a big market on the streets where one can by anything from watches to African masks.

El Golfo

El Golfo is the name of the crater that has an opening towards the sea and has a green lake in it´s middle.

Underground the lake named "El charco de los clicos" stands in contact with the sea and the green colouring of the water is caused by algae.

The walls of the crater have beautiful formations and the contrast of the reds and yellows of the volcano with the black beach and the blue sea are spectacular.

Los Hervideros

At "Los Hervideros" the waves that traveled over the ocean impact with great force on the lavatunnels originating from Timanfaya.

An impressive demonstration of the power of the natural elements.

You can visit the highlights of Lanzarote by renting a car or by joining one of the guided Lanzarote excursions on offer and on which tours interesting information is given about the island.

El Patio - Museum of agriculture

The museum is situated in the center of Lanzarote in the village of Tiagua.

It is an old farmer´s house that dates from 1840 with all it´s typical furniture and utensils inside.

The beautiful garden contains a windmill and a bodega.

In the garden also live animals such as goats, a camel, a donky and chickens. This also makes it an interesting and fun excursion for children.

Fundacion Cesar Manrique

The house of the famous Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique, is constructed on 5 volcanic bubbles and made into a museum


There is so much more to discover in Lanzarote like white beaches with blue lagoons, the town of the 1000 palms,...

Please revisit this page in the future for more information about Lanzarote excursions.

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Excursion Tip

In nearly every petrolstation on Lanzarote there are maps available to find your way to the different excursion highlights !

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